The Agenda for ShopperFest is in development but will follow the same structure as years past:
  • Friday, June 12 - Certifications, Opening Reception (beginning after 4:00 pm)
  • Saturday, June 13 - Educational Sessions (including lunch) and Optional Event
  • Sunday, June 14 - Certifications, Closing Luncheon and Presentations (ending by 2:00 pm)
Speakers are forthcoming but 2020 Sessions include:
  • Confessions of a Scheduler
  • Keep What You Earn! A Basic Tax Law Primer
  • Tips & Tricks for Restaurants and Retail
  • Must-Have Apps for the Smart Evaluator
  • I Wish an Evaluator Would…
  • Help Wanted: How to Transition to a Scheduler or Editor
  • 5 Elements of a Great Narrative
  • Landing My First Merchandising Gig
  • Simon Says “Follow These Directions” Workshop
  • Independent Contractor Law Changes for Everyday People
  • MSP Roundtable: Whadya Wanna Know?

The Video Track will return this year (all day Saturday) and sessions include:
  • MSP RoundTable: Trends and Opportunities in Video Mystery Shopping
  • Basic New Home Video Guidelines for Success!
  • Shooting Tips: How to Get Great Angles
  • Making Bank on Banks, Retail and Food
  • Getting the Best Gigs as an Organized, Successful Video Route Shopper
  • The Who, What and Why on Apartment Shops
  • Making it on to our Go-To Shopper List
  • Be This Video Shopper, Not This One (to Score the Best and Most Opportunities)
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